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Property Marketing and Loyalty with a Personal Touch

The Apartment Concierge offers the only live branded concierge-based marketing and loyalty program designed exclusively for the multi-housing industry. TAC can help properties attract, sign and renew residents by giving them a high-touch amenity: cellphone access to a live 24/7 concierge services—branded in your property name.

How TAC can help you:

  • Value-added incentive sets you apart
  • Helps attract potential residents
  • Promotes your property with every call
  • Builds loyalty so residents renew leases
  • Appeals to all demographics
  • Helps generate resident referrals
  • Very affordable and simple to manage
  • Custom marketing materials available

Resident Benefits:

  • Provides Anything, Anytime, Anywhere® 24/7
  • Answers questions on any topic
  • Fulfills phone/internet-based tasks
  • Personalized service greets callers by name
  • Service available in English, Spanish, and French
  • Includes a branded concierge mobile app
  • Global access by cellphone, email, text, and app
  • Provides an enhanced feeling of security and safety
  • Helps acclimate residents to new neighborhoods

Add value to your resident marketing by promoting your property in a very personal way.


Try the service now branded in your property’s name.
You will experience exactly what your residents experience.

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